Our designer for our 3 room BTO is Ryanne. Her simple yet functional design really helped us to design our humble abode to something comfortable yet unique home. She was able to also provide good colour coordination for the home to ensure a harmonious feel throughout. We requested for a warm, cosy and open feel for our home.

The materials were quality and the workmanship and follow-up with her were great. She was really punctual and had a strong follow-up. The vendors that she used were very helpful and had a warranty on the workmanship.

We managed to get our home within 4-6 mths from planning to the final product. Although they are more pricey, they definitely lived up to the cost, workmanship and design. Definitely will recommend for anyone who wants a comfortable home with good layout and maximizing of space!

Recommended to have some idea on the feel you’re looking for for your place!