We met up with a number of IDs to design our humble little 3 room HDB and eventually settled with Jayce for the following reasons:

1) design – while other companies provided very mainstream designs, Jayce was able to come up with creative ideas, maximising both storage space and aesthetics. He also sees things from the perspective of the home owner and makes recommendations according to our lifestyles.

2) commitment – Jayce’s commitment to excellence can be seen both during the design phase and in the building phase. His ability to think-ahead ensures that we don’t end up with usability issues after, and his keen attention to detail rejects even inevitable minor carpentry flaws even before we spotted them.

3) communication – we felt like our home is in safe hands with Jayce. He took away all the typical hassle of syncing up with the air-con person, curtains vendor, electrician, lights supplier etc. He also goes on-site very often and gives us constant text and photo updates to tell us what’s going on and what we should be prepared for next.

He is also very approachable and nice to work with, making our entire renovation journey a breeze. Thanks Jayce!