Got to know ID Lex from “My Reno Diary” through a friend (his house was also renovated by him).

Prior to meeting Lex, I already met and discussed with 3 other IDs from other companies, in the end, we still go with Lex because he is very sincere and make us feel comfortable working with him.

During the design stage, we are very impressed with his ideas and the 3D Mock-up he came up with! I just have to make some changes on the colours and little tweaks to the position of stuff.

I am worried at the start, because I have a very tight timeline of 1 month, as I am rushing to finish the renovation before CNY. But Lex assures me confidently that he will help me to finish it on time and even came up with a tight schedule. After looking at the schedule, I still have my doubts as it is really quite tight. To my surprise, Lex really puts in a lot of effort to follow up closely and making sure that everything runs smoothly and according to the schedule (we do have some small hiccups along the way, but he always quickly resolves it without fail).

I must also say that Lex provided me with great after sales support, because even when my house reno is done and full payment is made; whenever I have a problem, I just have to inform him and he will try his very best to help me.

Would like to thank him for the awesome designs and services he provided, and I will always recommend him to my families and friends who need their house renovated.