Joash was a referral from my son, as he did his HDB 5-room renovation job very professionally. Hence, we just went to Weiken to look for Joash without even getting alternative quotes from other ID companies, primarily based on my son’s and brother’s experiences working with Joash and also Weiken’s established standing.

Overall, Joash has been very professional and timely with getting our apartment renovated within the estimated timeline. Kudos to his very good project management skills. He also gave good ID solutions to make good some existing flaws at our apartment, which later made the fixtures look very nice.

His suggestions to the choice of curtain colours for day and night were very good as aesthetically very nice for our living and dining halls.

Joash is very practical and has not offered any excessive ideas just to get more work done. He understands our needs and has been very helpful in going the extra mile with arranging with the electrician to help uninstall our chandelier and 1 lamp from our former house to be installed at current place, as well as helping us to put up our wall paintings. Truly appreciate these value-added services. Besides, he would even help with other trivial works himself during his personal time just to get the work done and not be delayed due to a shortage of workers and the like.

He is sincere, honest and a very nice gentleman to work with. So, I would truly recommend him.