My renovation has just been completed at my fiancee’s house and I am thoroughly impressed by the completed work.
We had my fiancee’s old small bedroom of a 3 room flat totally redone as well as the whole house repainted, built in a tv rack, changed the windows, bathroom door and many other little things. The bedroom is small still had a walk-in wardrobe built in, a suspended cabinet, table and side table and we still could fit in a king size bed!

Talk about design, Ivan is simply the best! Not only is his bold and creatively incorporate colours and fixture superbly to create a splendid boutique bedroom that is every bit our dream room!

Though at first sceptical about the design he proposed when the room is already small but as he shows us the 3D design it looks good on paper.

What astonished me upon completion was that is looked even better than the 3D drawing! The interior design and use of colours have totally transformed a plain and boring small room into one fill with energy, life, elegance and practical sense! It was definitely the best investment I ever made and more than worth the money I paid. They have the best designer, the best painter who is more than an artist than a painter, excellent carpenters. Ivan was easy to work with and very understanding. Endlessly fulfilling our requests to changes that arised naturally. He really gets the job done! Swee swee!

I would look for Ivan when my new bto house is really too!
Thank you I Chapter!