Chance upon Kiet from ID Gallery while my husband and I were visiting other ID company at the same building. We spoke for barely less than 30 minutes and we agreed to schedule for a 2nd appt without even exchanging our contact. Thankful for Kiet in putting his trust on us and believe that we’ll show up hence in return we trust him to design and build our home! Kiet specialized in Scandidustrial concept and I must say we clicked immediately. He is a patient man and his pocket is always full of ideas. The artistic cells in him are consistently screaming and wanting to be heard so we’re glad that we gave him a space to ‘shout’. We loved whatever that he had put together despite the actual home looking 90% different from the 3D drawing! The suggestions which he gave is not only pleasant to the eyes but its also practical! Overall we’re 100% satisfied with Kiet and we hope other home owners will enjoy working with him too!