WONDERFUL Experience, start to finish. I was compelled to start my review with that statement because we did not expect this level of service from Uno Interior Team.

Sam addressed all our concerns to create not only an aesthetic space, but he was very practical about it. He addressed all of our needs and knew everything. Maybe its experience, maybe it’s a gift, but he knew almost exactly what we wanted. I love that!! Sam is a pleasure to work with and makes the whole experience relaxing and fun.

Sian Ying her trustworthiness, communication skills, and ability to complete the project exceeded our expectations in every way. There were always things that I was stumped about when decorating and finding her has been a godsend. I cannot tell you how helpful she has been to us and she actually saved us. Most importantly, she had been very patient with us.

Both also know everything and everyone and served as a great resource for everything. My husband and I joke that we now ask ourselves “what would both think/do in this situation,” irrespective of whether it has anything to do with the design because we value so highly their opinion and taste level. We quickly doubled the scope of our project once our rooms started to be transformed, and would hire them again in a second if the opportunity presents itself.