We had the good fortune of having Elaine as our ID for our house.

We could say many good things about her, such as her patience, her eye for detail and her aesthetic sense, her trouble-shooting amid the restrictions of Covid-19, and her prompt responses whenever we needed something changed or done.

But one thing that really stood out for us was how she was dedicated to making sure everything was done right.

We had some lights installed, and due to a slight miscommunication, the contractors installed three large, single, switches in a row into our bedroom. They had already re-done it once because they didn’t quite work properly, and my wife and I were OK with just leaving them, even though they didn’t look that great.

But Elaine would have none of it, even though we told her she could leave it. She took one look at the wall and said “No, I can’t take how this looks.” Then she got the contractors to come back and fix it one more time.

So if you are fortunate enough to get Elaine on your project, know that your house is in the good hands of a competent and diligent ID.