My wife and I honestly cannot thank Tayllen enough for giving us our dream home. From start to end, we were in awe at Tayllen’s work ethics and experience (she really knows her stuff). She is creative, honest and one of the most hardworking persons we have ever met.

When we first met Tayllen, we briefly described the theme that we wanted and gave her the space to create something for us. Despite us not articulating the theme as well as we would like, Tayllen immediately understood what we wanted and drew up a mood board that got us really excited. It was what we wanted and more! She then came up with very professional 3D drawings that were down to most minute of details (measurements, lights, electrical points, potential furniture) and looked realistic (it could be mistaken for a photo!). Everything was accurate, which later led to a very smooth execution. After the reno, we chanced upon some 3D drawings done by others and were horrified. We were even more thankful for Tayllen after.

The process of engaging her firm was also very smooth. All costs were stated up front wherever possible. Payment schedules were properly drawn up and administratively, everything was very smooth. We did not have to pay for what we didn’t want and there were no “unexpected” mishaps or unforeseen additional costs imposed on us.

Then came the execution of the renovation. Tayllen made frequent trips to our house to ensure all works are done properly and supervising the electrician, carpenters and painters. She kept us updated and even gives happy surprises 🙂 She has a keen eye for defects and flaws so she knows what needs to be fixed. Tayllen also never seems to stop working. When we have questions about the reno or furniture, she always replies at the quickest time possible even on weekends. She was always there when we needed her and we cannot thank her enough for her help.

Due to COVID-19, our project had to stop midway because of the circuit breaker. Tayllen and her team also lost a number of key resources because of country restrictions and supply chain disruptions. But no matter what was thrown at her team, they managed to find solutions to every problem which eventually led to the resumption of our project as soon as BCA provided the approvals. We would also highlight that Tayllen was prompt in submitting the necessary paperwork to BCA for the resumption of our renovation works and coordinated the same with the various teams (electrician, carpenters, painters, haulage, cleaners). Due to Tayllen’s excellent project management with the various teams, we obtained our BCA approval rather quickly and our project completed within 1 month after we obtained the approval.

Working with Tayllen was honestly one of the best decisions we made. It was an enjoyable and fuss free experience, and very worth the money spent. If you want a trustworthy ID, we can definitely say Authors especially Tayllen is the one you should engage (if you can wait for your turn on her waiting list).