Through our extensive search for renovation companies, Posh Living stood out among the rest with Mr Philip Lim handling our consultation. He is professional in managing our requirements with the physical limitations while keeping the overall cost of the renovation down which resonates with us. He planned a detailed schedule upon the confirmation of the 3D drawings and ensured constant updates throughout the project phase. Both my wife and I are very pleased with his enthusiasm for ensuring that everything goes through smoothly. Not only that, he goes the extra mile to make sure that he is always contactable at any point in time and very responsive as well.

On the logistic side of the house, Posh Living does offer mind-boggling numbers of materials to choose from; from wood laminates, vinyl flooring, kompacplus and even doors! We were spoiled for choices while we were choosing materials for our desired theme. Our renovation has since been completed and we are very very pleased with the work that both Mr Philip and his contractors have done.