Many thanks to our ID Benny Wang from Tampines Branch for helping us build our home. We had a lot of specific requirements in terms of the carpentry, house layout and home theme but Benny was always patient to listen and revise the designs while fitting in our limited budget and functional considerations. He also pointed out many areas we neglected to think about and this prevented us from making mistakes like not considering the structural beams/dimensions of the furniture. Others IDs that we spoke with, typically are not able to point out this critical information but Benny could help us with that very well.

When we needed advice on buying our furniture like our sofa and other home appliances, Benny was also very helpful to provide us with good advice. It was very easy communicating with him as he always responded very politely and promptly.

I am most impressed with Benny’s managing of the entire project. As always, there would definitely be hiccups with any renovation project and some of them were due to our miscommunication and my change requests. But Benny is experienced enough to handle them and manage the vendors like the electrician, aircon and carpentry guys. The end result was that we were able to complete building our 4-room BTO from scratch within 6 weeks. And I am very satisfied with the quality of the workmanship and materials.

Benny takes a lot of pride in his work and that explains why his project does get featured. So do consider engaging him!