We had a fantastic experience working with Liz and her team. When we began shortlisting IDs, we had a good idea of the look and feel we were going for, but we wanted someone who would be able to refine the designs until we got exactly what we wanted. Liz proved to be an excellent choice for us – she has a strong feel for what her customers want, and we had an easy rapport that made all of our meetings a breeze. We were particularly impressed with her creativity in devising unexpected alternatives whenever we got a case of design tunnel vision. Her suggestions tended to always be practical and elegant. She is able to introduce fresh perspectives to old problems even six or seven hours into a meeting – not easy to do, but Liz did so often and always with a cheery disposition. Liz was also able to anticipate delays and hiccups ahead of time and provide us with viable solutions. Following completion of the renovation, she continued to rectify any defects promptly. We had a great time working with Liz and would be happy to engage her again.