We started sourcing for an ID about one and a half years before our home was ready and were constantly frustrated as we met many IDs who were less than enthusiastic towards our enquiries, somewhat understandable given the lengthy wait ahead. We could also tell that some were simply not interested as they doubted that we will sign the contract so early.

The search continued until we walked into Inspire ID one day and met Krystal Boon. We had a strange feeling from the first moment we met her that our search could finally be over. Krystal was friendly and her response to our disclosure that our key collection date could be more than a year away was completely different from the others; she was positive and told us that it was good to start discussions early so that there was enough time to finalise the plan and make changes along the way. This was exactly the start we were looking for and she was spot on with regard to the purpose of our early hunt for an ID. As the discussions went on, it further strengthened our belief that she was the right ID for us and our new home; she was practical and did not insist on the frills, advising us to focus on functionality rather than mere form, while maintaining the modern luxury look that we wanted.

To top it all, the final quotation that she provided was reasonable and value for money based on the good quality of material used. She was also willing to provide us with 3D drawings with no extra charges for multiple amendments. Most importantly, we also realised that Krystal was able to grasp our ideas and her design thinking was in sync with ours. We made up our mind and signed up with her!

Well, that was more than a year ago, and we then started on this journey to build our new home together pieces by pieces, literally. Krystal, despite her usually busy schedule, was patient and worked for hand in hand with us as we went over the details and design many times over. All the while, we could sense that she knew clear clearly what she was doing and remained focussed on delivering the new home that we had in mind according to the plan and drawings were drawn up.

During the actual renovation phase, she was able to coordinate well with her team of subcontractors to schedule and progress the work. Of course, there will be minor hiccups along the way for any renovation projects, but any that came up was often met with a quick resolution by Krystal and us through the constant communications that took place.

After 5 weeks of dust and sweat, Krystal delivered our dream home to us! It felt almost surreal that whatever we had discussed and envisaged had become a reality, thanks to the great work of Krystal and her team. Needless to say, we are elated with both our new home and the services of Krystal! Kudos to Krystal and Inspire ID for the excellent job!