We started searching for our ID months before we collect our keys, went to many IDs and contractors, gathered a few with good quotes and designs…was about to make our decision on one of them till we came across Aart Boxx on Facebook. Liked their design a lot so we went down to discuss and get a quote from them. After our first discussion at their office, Katherine & Ivan actually came over to our place for the further clarification on the quotes. They were very professional and we could tell that they are serious about the quality of work they provide for their customers. On top of that, we were surprised that they offer very competitive pricing, in fact, one of the best quotes considering the components they are providing.

We decided to change our decision and engaged them as our ID even before we collect our keys. This was the best decision we’ve made for our new house. Katherine was very professional and provided many suggestions on the design…We took our time and made many changes, Katherine ensured that all our changes were met and reflected in the drawings.

Then comes the most important part which is the actual reno…going with Aart Boxx is a no brainer…..there were actually not many hiccups for the process unlike a lot of my friends and neighbours who chose other IDs. Their carpentry and tiling works are SUPERB! All our friends and relatives commented that our cabinets are very well made and designed. Their stucco walls are also one of the best finish and at very good pricing.

We have stayed for a while now and their after sales service is excellent…having a reliable ID is a very important decision for your new house, Aart Boxx is definitely the way to go….