After visiting several IDs, we decided to go with Jenny Wang from tradehub because we have a ”chemistry” for her, we met up twice and every time we had a very pleasant conversation and discussion for our home renovation, furthermore, Jenny was not pushy and very sincere in finding out what we are looking for. She has been a breeze to work with throughout the process and someone who is willing to give us the best, her design not only emphasis on the aesthetics, but also the practice to our living.

Jenny is very professional and basically, managed our renovation from start till finish. We found Jenny is also a very detailed ID, her quote is very transparent and she pays attention to every single detail during our renovation, for example, when city gas piping had already installed based on our agreement, but later on jenny found another way to avoid expose partial of the pipe in between our top and below cabinet, she arrange city gas to go down again to run the pipe, and she waive the cost for us, we are just so surprised she can be so responsible, after all, a lot of IDs seldom give ”trouble” to themselves,but jenny do this to us only for making our kitchen looks better. As with every project, there are minor issues and Jenny will arrange her contractors rectify them immediately.

Her updates came through WhatsApp pictures which we always looked forward to. We can have a peace of mind knowing that she is on site to monitor what is needed to be done.