Total nightmare. Engage at your own risk. 6 months and my 1200 sqft unit is still not done. quality of work till date is really poor and I highly question the need to engage an id when I have to look into every detail all the time. The feeling of having a new house is one of joy and excitement, but over the past 6 months, these feelings have been replaced with endless disappointments and disbelief of how id and the contractors they engage can have such lack of common sense and responsibility. Openings in cabinets look like they were bitten out of rats, cabinets done has a high ratio of wasted corner space (which I had given countless examples of how others have done it but ignored), non-functional layouts (luckily spotted early or everything has to be dismantled again), a built-in oven that came with the unit was removed for works and it was unprotected and left exposed to all the work waste for 6 months, and they didn’t even bother cleaning it up before mounting it back. if I didn’t take the whole oven out to check I would be eating dust! I wish I could post pictures here to let you see what is done, and share with you my amazement on how bad the work can be. till date work is still incomplete, and I don’t really care if your company sees this review, get pissed off (definitely not as much as I do) and leave the job. I am as ready to engage another party to complete it anyway.