Being in the sales business for so long, the first time in my life, I chase a designer to collect payment after the renovation is done. Normally is ID who chase the client for payment.

He is a guy that you will leave your house too with no question asked.
Tues Teh, the ID, who had managed to earn the trust of a client through honesty, responsibility and dedication have really impressed me.
The first meeting, I am able to sense the aura of him being confident in his designing knowledge.

To put it simpler. My wife and I just let him design what you think is good for us based on our concerns.
Without even seeing the 3D drawing yet. I have given him the green light to carry on. I am convinced by how our house will look like just with him sketching the artwork for me using hand sketching.

The only job that is under my care, which is choosing from the recommendation he has for me.
With everything in terms of design, colour combi and even my furniture.
In fact with all the ideas that he has shared with me. He even went thru an extra mile to utilize his network to get some fixing up of the cabinet, water dispenser and toilet apparatus all done up absolutely free.
In fact through this whole renovation. I have to admit there is always up and down, but with proper communication with Tues who constantly update me. Assurance is always there.
Even stuff that needs fixing, without asking. You be able to see him taking responsibility to fix it up even that does not fall under his role as an ID.
He will just say, to me you are no longer a client. You are a friend that has become part of his life.

Always work with someone who can truly understand your concern and give them room to allow their creative juices to flow.