I enquired about 6 interior designers before settling with Mr Keith Wong from Design Identity Interior as he actually provided the lowest quote as compared to the rest. But don’t be mistaken by associating the lowest quote as the lowest quality. We worked closely together to design my dream home while trying to cater to my budget for only the kitchen and two bathrooms renovation works. He also helped me to conceptualise a bar top counter with doors and windows which can switch between a closed or open concept kitchen which can keep fumes from going into the living room area while cooking up a storm in the kitchen. But as time goes by.. I kinda expanded on the renovation areas to also include my living and dining areas with cove lighting and false ceilings. Words can only describe so much. I guess only photos can tell the story (I’ll just attach a kitchen bar counter as a sample for now). Stay tuned for more photos once everything is completed and furniture all ready. It was indeed a pleasure to work together with you to create my dream home.