I don’t usually write reviews but I would like to thank Jerry, my Interior Designer who has made so much effort in designing our house. He is a very patient designer and he understands our wants and needs. When it comes to difficult situations, he always stays calm and finishes it nicely. Whenever our family have disagreements about different choices, Jerry will always sit down with us and cater to all our choices. So right now, our dream house is designed by all of us. He takes the effort to do his best, and we trust him so much in this. As we can see the results every day, I am really excited to see how the final result will be. Jerry will never disappoint us and I must truly say that he is the best designer I’ve ever seen. Gentle, polite and understanding. Thank you so much, Jerry, for the 1000001% you’ve put in and we really appreciate it so much. I will totally recommend him to anyone who is looking for an Interior Designer.