“Experience & patient designer Johnny Tan”

We have bought a condo and has been staying there for 4 years. But didn’t renovate due to my babies. But after 4 years of staying there, We have decided to renovate it. We have come to Starry Homestead with good feedbacks from social media. But we don’t know who we should engage. We chance upon Johnny whom is willing to listen to us and our plans. And he is a very patient person going through our details plus design. We have a lot of ideas but some aren’t feasible as it didn’t work out as plan. Johnny is very experienced to guide us and provide us with fast solutions with good planning. During the process, some work didn’t turn out as plan due to the contractors making mistakes. Johnny quickly identified the problems and resolve it for us yet beautify the workmanship without additional cost. They manage to complete the work as per the schedule timeline. My family is very satisfy with the work provided by Starry Homestead. Will highly recommend to my friends and relatives!

Yes it has met my requirements!

Good workmanship

Johnny is always there to support as I am always on the overseas trip but he is willing to assist at all times!

Value for Money
Reasonable pricing from this reno company