After initial discussions, we decided to go with FSI for our renovation and started collaborating with Raymond and Jovie on our home. We wanted a modern Scandinavian theme that was simple and elegant. Suffice to say, FSI delivered and we are happy with the renovation process and results. Here are the some of the areas that we would like to especially commend them on:

1) The design process and 3-D drawings
We had several rounds of meetings where Raymond took us through his design proposals. He was attentive to our requirements and provided good suggestions and advice to us, striking a balance on aesthetics and practicality, which was valuable. The 3-D drawings FSI provided were realistic and better helped us in visualizing the various styles, colours and ideas. They were willing to continually update the drawings based on our feedback. Impressively, our home turned out to be very close to the 3-D renderings.

2) Onsite supervision and coordination
Jovie did a fantastic job onsite working with their various contractors, and even coordinating with some external vendors that we engaged. She was thorough and detailed, and kept us updated on the renovation progress daily. She was also quick to respond to our concerns and would do her best to resolve any issues we encountered. Her attitude, dedication and attention to detail really stood out.

3) Keeping to the schedule
As we were renting a place, we had a tight timeline to meet and communicated it early. FSI was able to plan and come up with a schedule and kept to it, and delivered the project on time. Even after the project was handed over, they continued to follow-up with us.

Overall, we are pleased with our experience with FSI.