As we are waiting for our first born to arrive, we are so glad to have engaged Simon from My Reno Diary to handle and design our crib.
I would like to get everything settled and spend within our budget as having both a baby and a house at the same time is no joke. I had all the designs prepared so Simon assists to advice which is possible and which could be more better. So he guided us throughout the process. From flooring, wardrobe, cabinets, wall colours he advises and showed us how it would look like so we will not be disappointed with our choice.
He is not calculative in his work.. whatever he is able to help he will do it.
I’m really happy with My Reno Diary and my ID – Simon.
Simon handed over our unit to us and everything is perfect. Now with the arrival of our 1st born, we are slowly settling into our cosy home.
Thank you, Simon!! 🙂
Would definitely recommend others to you.