Many thanks to Aellex who renovated my parents 3-gen home, and currently he is also doing my 4-rm house. I met many interior designers, however, I felt most comfortable with Aellex from our first meet up as he seemed the most experienced from the others. My parents were also comfortable with him as he was patient in explaining to them how things work. Aellex was very responsive to our queries, especially after working hours and weekends when we’re shopping for furniture, as we were only free at those timings. He was also efficient in arranging anything we needed and he gave us cost-effective advice. We were most impressed with the carpentry work as everything was neatly done and it looked really good and there were minor defects. Aellex had also planned out an accurate timeline for the completion of the renovation and we are very happy we chose him for my parents dream home!

It was a pleasure working with Aellex and my parents are satisfied with the end result. I am looking forward to seeing how my dream home turns out now! Would definitely recommend him to our friends & family! 🙂