There are two crucial points for first-time homeowners. 1. Getting the right ID. 2. Completing the renovation within budget. We were lucky to have the right ID that worked within our budget and achieved the eclectic look we wanted.

We chanced upon Jialux interior as a friend had engaged them and we loved the look of her house. Really lucky to have Gerald Goh, who was the ID that designed her house, assigned to us. What are the odds of that since we didn’t enquire which ID she got and requested for the same. We loved that Gerald’s design ideas are bold and aligned with what we are looking for. His out of box suggestion was much appreciated since we didn’t want those typical/common designs. The best part was that he managed to do it within our budget.

We strongly recommend him if you are looking for an ID with an open mind to accept out of the box suggestions, creative ideas and wanting to go for something out of the ordinary. It’s rare to find an ID like him that to take on a challenge to do something that is not the current trend.

Really thankful and happy to have Gerald as our ID. We really enjoyed the whole process with him and loving our house now! Thank you for the great work, Jialux team! *5 stars*