When friends or anyone talks about renovation, I always hear loads of horror stories about how bad their experience is with these Renovation Contractors n interior designers. When it was my turn to renovate my dream home, I was thinking should I spent the money to get an interior designer to do up my house or should I just get a contractor and give him my ideas of my dream home. Well, I met Jerry and Jonathan from I-chapter Pte Ltd. I spoke to Jerry on the phone n within a week he personally came to my home, sat down with my family and discuss the design we want. He came out a hand-drawn design for my home and we are all so impressed, within a month a 3D plan was out. Jerry personally brought us to buy materials, chose tiles designs and colours as we have different themes for each room, I was initially worried about the different concept in each room but Jerry convince me it will be a beautiful masterpiece. And indeed it was!!!

The renovation was done in 8 weeks with minimal issue. Both Jerry n Jonathan was so efficient and professional, they even spent the time to bring us to get soft furnishing for my home too. Even until the day the house was handover to me, both of them still coordinating with my movers, helping to deco up my new place. Thumbs up for these 2 wonderful ID. I will definitely recommend Jerry n Jonathan from I-chapter. Even my Daughter and Son in law also got his service to renovate their new home soon.