When I first met Victor Chua during the renovation of White Restaurant (三巴旺百米粉), I was impressed with his meticulous work ethic – from designing, to site supervision and lastly handing over of the project. During that moment, We had made up our mind and if We ever get a house next time, this guy here is going to be my I.D.

A few years passed, finally we got our keys. We rang him up and sent him our unit’s floor plan. Briefly, we mentioned our ideas and Victor managed to draft out a few plans. Upon our many few meetups, my Wife was most impressed with his kitchen design and the bookshelf he had created for us. He had prepared a few on hand. However, we didn’t have any that caught our attention. Quickly he thought about it and roughly sketch out one more which my Wife was really pleased with. Soon the idea came to reality and it was really our dream house. He managed to infuse two separate personalities and ideas into one home. Which what really impressed us.

We are really thankful for the friendship we had made through this built up and we appreciate all the little surprises he planned for us. We felt he knew what we wanted before we could say and he surprised us along the way.