I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to Syed Fadhil from Chapter 3 for the renovation works well done for my 5-room Improved flat in Tampines. I did not expect that my 20-year-old home could be given a fresh new look l beyond my imagination! Syed Fadhil did a wonderful renovation job to my daughter Nadiah Noraswan’s house and I knew right away that I have to engage him as my Interior Designer to give my old flat a “facelift”.

As a typical Auntie in late 50s, my vision of a perfect home is average. However, I do have many ‘needs and wants’ of how my home should look like but I have limitation to my wonders. I want my home to look clean, bright and spacious, albeit functional for a senior citizen like me. Syed Fadhil understands what I want for my home and he is so patient in percepting my ideas into the concept. He is ever so willing to make adjustments and ensure that what I requested for is met.

I love my time in my kitchen and one of the key factors that I need is space. I like the idea of an island but I was also worried that my kitchen will look small and cramped if I build one. My idea was to have a movable island so that I can shift it around to accommodate function, purpose and space. Fadhil implemented this idea and I am very happy with how it turned out! My island is also multi-functional as a multi-fa storage cabinet, & dining table. I love it!

The materials chosen are of good quality and are affordable. Fadhil works around with my budget and provided the best service I am assured of. It is easy reaching out to him as and when I need to be in touch. He also accommodates to some of my last minute requests as best as he could.

I am now very happy with my new home. It felt like as if I moved into a new premise! I will certainly recommend Fadhil to my family and friends. If you are looking for one trustworthy contractor, look no further!