A very responsible ID; Mr. Zach Lee of Tampines One branch gives constructive ideas (both aesthetic and practical) when designing our BTO project. Even though we had our differences on some issues, he is there to listen and follow-up on site (even to the extend of dropping by to site at 9pm on a Saturday, using only his handphone as a source of lighting after we had highlighted some issues pertaining to our wall moulding on the very same day). He is also willing to coordinate on behalf of us, sub-contractors that are not under his purview. We still keep in-touch and he give ideas and recommendations to beautify our home even though he has handed over the place to us a few months ago. On the downside, we believe that he could better managed his sub-contractors on site. The wooden support was done poorly, thus affecting our wall moulding. Even though the issue was thrice rectified, the end result has only slightly improve. Apart from that, we feel glad that he has delivered our house. All in all, we would recommend home owners to seriously consider engaging Mr. Zach for his excellent and professional service!