Eddie from I-Chapter was the first ID who was assigned to us by one of the online renovation portals out of probably ten or so IDs. First impressions of Eddie were positive as he was enthusiastic and responsive in helping us understand what can and cannot be done for our resale apartment. Eddie’s quote came in as the most competitive amongst the IDs we were surveying and his can-do attitude helped sealed the deal as we selected him to be in charge of the renovation project for our very first home.

We had no set time limit for Eddie as we were not rushing to move in, and emphasised quality over speed. Eddie was very informative in the preliminary selection process for tiles, laminates, paint, glass works, bathroom fittings and lighting fixtures. Even though we had pre-selected a flooring contract from another provider and purchased an air-conditioning unit from one of the major retailers, Eddie was instrumental in coordinating their appointments to fit within schedule. Throughout the process, Eddie was diligent in updating us via WhatsApp on progress of the project, and checking in with us whenever there were items which required minor change of plans. He was able to match our ideas on making the carpentry “child proof” by incorporating rounded edges, and came up with choices for us when we ran out of ideas from picking through laminate designs for our carpentry. In fact, the marble inspired laminate for the TV console which Eddie recommended is a conversation starter for our friends and family who have visited our home. Beyond design, Eddie is able to work with his plumber on engineering matters, ensuring that piping bents conform to result in minimal exposed piping, to deliver as close to what was shown in the 3D design images.

As with major projects, there were a few hiccups along the way (as to be expected). For example, kitchen carpentry was not in the pre-agreed configuration and the sink was under mounted instead of the requested overmount. Upon informing Eddie, he promptly rectified these errors without excuses or delays, which reflects on his honest nature. We would therefore recommend all homeowners (no matter if you hire a contractor or ID) to constantly monitor their house renovation at each step to ensure that the works are to your own specifications before errors cannot be rectified.

Many have heard of horror stories of renovation IDs and Contractors but our experience with Eddie Wong from I-Chapter is the total opposite. We appreciate having an ID who takes pride in the quality of his work and takes reasonable care of the client, whom most often than not, is facing the overwhelming prospect of a highly customised renovation project for the first time. Given all of the above, we would not hesitate to recommend Eddie as an ID to prospective renovation clients.