When we first came to Tab Gallery, we were attended to by Marco. He had patiently answered all our queries even though it was a lot due to being a first-time homeowner. He had always maintained his friendly smile. After looking at the designs (which looks amazing), and quotation, me and my wife decided to engage them.

Subsequently, we were introduced to Yuki, who helped us come out with design ideas, with personal customization of the house, unlike other houses. Yuki was also patient with us, even though we changed our initial design plans and ideas.

Although there were hiccups along the way, both of them delivered their work outstandingly, always doing their best to give us what we wanted within the initial budget. Marco had never tried to add in any other things to increase the price but instead, he gave advice as to what is needed while keeping the reasonable price. Marco always tries to get the best workers on the job and although it may take more time, it is worth the wait. Marco is practical while Yuki is creative. They make a good team.

To homeowners looking to renovate their house, Tab Gallery, Marco and Yuki are recommended as they will give their best efforts to tend to your needs. Go for it!