My family renovated our resale 4-room flat from December 2020 to March 2021.

We found out about Space Atelier when we were googling for good IDs specialising in modern and contemporary styles. And boy, are we so glad to have discovered them!

We are aware that most renovation journeys are nightmares because of miscommunication and unprofessional behaviour, so we were extremely lucky to have embarked on a relatively smooth journey with Space Atelier.

Specifically, we wish to single out Design Associate CJ Toh for praise.

1. Extremely professional, responsible, and committed

We had approached at least two other designers before heading down to Space Atelier. At our first meeting, CJ impressed us with his approachableness, professionalism, knowledge, and receptiveness to our ideas. It was therefore an easy decision for us to engage him for the renovation.

As ours is a large family, we had many requests and ideas. Some of our ideas were impractical, but CJ was incredibly open to hearing us out and always sought to understand the reasons behind our requests. In fact, he offered us many good alternatives, and some of his ideas are now incorporated into our home.

We spent hours over the weekends at various stores to select tiles and toilet fittings. CJ touched us with his energy and unflaggingly professional attitude, even when our family was exhausted after hours of deciding on these fittings. Despite having a young family to take care of himself, CJ did not try to hurry us towards a decision during these hours-long marathons.

During actual works on site, CJ was down almost every day to personally supervise works. He updated us regularly, was prompt in addressing our concerns, and quickly rectified issues when they arose.

2. Would we recommend them?

Choosing an ID is a very personal decision, as rapport between the designer and client can be very subjective. But we are confident that CJ’s professionalism and commitment will find many fans.

My family and I will wholeheartedly recommend Space Atelier and CJ to our friends, family, and anyone who asks. Thank you, CJ, for a job well done!

P.s. We have not attached any photos, as we are still awaiting delivery of our sofa, dining table and chairs, and other furniture. We would be happy to update this review once these furniture arrive and we can photograph our beautifully renovated home 🙂