Alex was one of the IDs that I approached directly. I came across samples of his work on Instagram and his portfolio was diverse, some projects were bolder but each showed touches of individuality.

He came back to me the latest as he was in reservist but progress was quick after the first meet-up. During that meeting, I noticed he asked more questions than the other IDs I had met, running through my floor plan like laying tiles per square foot carefully. Some questions were new and I didn’t have a clear vision then, but he provided some thinking pointers.

He was also quick to point out that my design lacked storage space for the knick-knacks that aren’t the most pleasant household items. I concur and he came up with solutions for that.

He ended up being the first ID to reach the quotation stage and he apologised for not meeting my budget. It’s not too much of a big deal I assured but we moved on to scale down a few items and take away some frills. He’s very accommodating to my request although I can feel that he is genuinely concerned if a storage-minimal concept would work for me in the long run. He also came out strongest in my bathroom concept, giving me details and suggestions that were novel.
The new quotation was indeed very attractive but ultimately, I’ve decided to go with another ID simply because the intangible prospects of collaborating on a home reno was stronger.

Nevertheless, I will strongly recommend his services to anyone, as he is a very detailed person and genuinely cares about his client’s place.