We have actually decided that we will work with i-Chapter right after our first meet-up with Suki even though this was the first ID company we actually met up with (and have 2 more scheduled to meet after that). Suki was really warm and professional, she made it very easy to communicate with her about what we look for in the design of our home.

She was mindful of the budget we had set for our renovation and although she would suggest ideas that would cost a little more, we were given a lot of freedom to decide on our own and wasn’t pushy at all. We took all her ideas in the end, of cos! It really made our home look a lot better than we had imagined! Of course, she will also try to help us save on areas she feels will not be practical for our daily lives. We are really very thankful to Suki for this.

Suki also tries to resolve any hiccups and problems that surfaced during the renovation very quickly, so we actually didn’t have to worry much throughout the entire process. We have enjoyed working with Suki and i-Chapter very much, and we are extremely pleased to receive so many nice words about the design and workmanship of our home from our family and friends who have visited. Thanks, Suki, for making our dream home possible! This is really what we have envisioned, and more!