I am very glad that Alvince from Reno Diary was the interior designer for my new house. As a new homeowner, I was often enthusiastic about how I wanted the house to look and had ideas that looked nice on paper but were sometimes impractical. He was patient in listening, and explaining what he thinks works and what doesn’t. Instead of shutting out ideas, he proposed alternatives which sometimes were even better than my original ones which also fit the budget. This also showed the amount of experience that he has in this aspect, and the ability to balance form and function. During the renovation process, he managed the contractors well and rectified any issues that surfaced very swiftly. So on my side, there were no major problems I had to worry about. He also makes an effort on choosing and buying fixtures & lighting across the border in Malaysia and we managed to get a lot of these stuff at very reasonable prices. So if you are looking for a worry-free, stress-free experience for your home design and renovation, I would highly recommend Alvince.