To look for a good renovation company is a difficult task.

I got 3 quotations from 3 renovation companies and eventually, I decided to go with Joel Cheong @ Tampines 1 as he was the only 1 able to give me the quotation within 2 days and able to work the quotation closed to my budget (Others took about 1 to 2 weeks and over my budget), and also able to explain to me by item each costing.

During the renovation, I changed a few ideas at the last minutes and Joel was able to response to my changes accordingly and patiently. Although there were a few last minutes changes he was able to help me to complete the renovation in time.
Joel is really the most patience and responsive person that I ever see. I’m glad that I had him and very happy with the renovation.

Will I recommend him to friends and family….the answer is…yes.. as I already recommended him to my sister who is planning to have some renovations next year.