We decided to engage Edward because of the chemistry we have with him right from the start and also he was able to propose something within our budget.

I am a very detailed person with very exacting standards who likes to be fully involved in everything and I have to say that Edward has been most patient and dedicated throughout the whole renovation process.  Although there were challenges and hiccups along the way, these were resolved successfully and I have to say the end result is amazing!  Even after the handover, Edward remains 100% dedicated and never fails to send his men over promptly to rectify whatever minor defects we found.  Exceptional service indeed!

I would also like to commend Edward’s team of carpenters, tilers, painters and cleaners who have done exceptional jobs.  Their workmanship are of high quality and they are all really friendly, accommodating people. Edward’s carpenter, especially, came all the way from JB on several occasions in the night just to re-measure the cabinet that I want.  I really appreciate that a lot.

In all, it has been a really pleasant experience working with Edward and his team.  They epitomizes excellent service with a smile, even when the going gets tough!

Thank you Edward and your team!