As we were not in a hurry to move in, Michael understood and respected our wishes, working according to it. I am extremely grateful that my husband and I decided to check out Tab Gallery through a friend’s recommendation. With Michael, we had rapport, a good steady line of communication, respect, and advise. 90% of what I wanted was completed by Michael and his team and he was very understanding, cooperative and compromising to correct certain hiccups along the way. I appreciate all the advice he gave that provided insight on some of my not-so-workable designs. I can honestly say that Tab Gallery has met our expectations to the maximum and I love what they have done to give me privacy at my house entrance, a lovely wardrobe room, and a very spacious kitchen. As Michael is the boss himself, I really respect the work ethics he reflects on Tab Gallery by not being cut-throat, un-negotiable, business-minded, and unempathetic (of which I’m sure many of us can relate to the number of interior designers out there who instead portray in this manner). Good job and keep up the good work! You guys certainly deserve all the praise that has been showered on you all thus far.