We would like to make a commendation on your ID, Francis Yeo (from Blk 233 AMK outlet), who had given us excellent and hassle-free renovation experience for our resale flat located at Punggol Drive.

Background – We were referred by a friend to go to XXX ID firm. Upon contacting the firm, we were randomly assigned Francis. As our friend couldn’t remember their ID name anymore – their reno was a couple of years back… After a site walk and consultation, Francis informed that he had been transferred to Areana Creations. Initially, things were abit complicated but we still proceeded with Francis’ service as the quotation was indeed very competitive (compared with over 10+ quotes) and he was indeed patient and friendly…

Francis immense knowledge in ID and project co-ordination were unquestionable. This gave us the faith to trust his advices and recommendations. We knew that he would not fail us. Even though this resale flat required a lot of creative renovations and ideas, and a need to work within tight timelines, we were certain that we could fully entrust and dependent on Francis based on his wide experiences (no doubt on that).

Strength – Francis was a very hands-on ID, he would voluntarily take on some tasks which were out of his core responsibilities. This amazed us as we thought that those jobs should be done by his contractors/vendors. However, his reply would always be ‘It’s ok, no problem, I can do it, I will rush it out for you’. We were truly very touched and thankful to him for his great initiatives and also being meticulous in every aspects (we were stress-free). And, not only he was able to manage my home renovation efficiently, concurrently, he was also handling other projects. His ability to multi-task and efficient working attitude had proven us that we had engaged the right person!

EQ – Francis had demonstrated high EQ and cordial working relationships with other contractors (such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters, etc.). We viewed this as vital importance, since he would need to manage the workers and to give them instructions and timelines to meet. On the other hand, he would also ensure that our expectations were met. Tough job indeed.

Throughout the project, though there were hiccups (this is normal for any projects), Francis never fails to rectify the issues and timely keep us updated on the progress. He is so dedicated that we spoke via phone over 12 midnight almost everyday and he continue to show energy and positive attitude to complete our demands….

It was indeed a great pleasure working with Francis Yeo and we (including our parents) were very satisfied with his work and positive attitude. We would definitely recommend Francis to our families, relatives and friends should they need to look for ID.

We believe that Francis Yeo is a great asset to your company and he will continue to shine. We wish both Francis and Areana Creations the very best in your future endeavours. Cheers!