Looking for a reliable ID/contractor can be a tedious task, however for me and my wife, we were blessed to have met Raymond and Yong Ping from FSI!

We were introduced to FSI by a friend who had engaged them a few years ago. Her experience with FSI was flawless, thus she highly recommended them to us. Furthermore, while looking for home design ideas, coincidentally, we selected some that were from FSI!

Raymond and Yong Ping are professional, talented and frank. Their level of attention to details and being bold on design ideas made our meetings very engaging and fun. It never felt like a customer-client meeting, more like a casual meet up with friends. Once the reno works started, it went on smoothly and hassle-free, everything was well-taken care by them. Their attitude for perfection and quality is beyond words of excellence.

Many thanks to Raymond and Yong Ping for the great experience and building our beautiful home. We are happy client! Thumb up for FSI!