The project completion (as seen by the images posted by Space Atelier earlier today) is the best testament to what our ID, Jeff Gan, has done for our cosy and humble home.

Before we met Jeff, we have heard enough horror stories from friends and relatives on how their home renovation process turned their long awaited dream into a nightmare. Hence, wifey and I decided to start early with our ID search.

What was interesting was that the wifey was impressed with Jeff when we met him for the first time and we never looked further.

His understanding of our needs was fantastic and his design creation was superb. It was spot on and we immediately agreed on the design.

When the whole process started, I would say that it was almost entirely hassle free and I was able to be at ease with the development with little worries since I was mostly tied up at work.

In summary, a job well was done and Jeff had simply made our dream home a reality.

Kudos to Jeff!