Recently I just completed my reno project with Space Atelier and my ID is Jeff Gan. Looking back at the entire reno journey, it was nothing short of a miracle as I have to juggle both work and renovation single-handedly. My work demands long stressful hours with occasional short stints overseas. And Renovation is no easy feat for a first-timer like me. Thus, I am blessed and grateful to have engaged Jeff as my ID to help me manage the entire renovation process. In the course of time, Jeff has proven himself to be reliable, trustworthy and committed to my home/project that he was entrusted with. The design delivered by Jeff is clean and functional. The quality of materials, accessories and workmanship are commendable. Any issue that arose along the way was dealt with calmly and reasonably. Personally, I appreciated very much that Jeff and his team would go the extra miles to iron out the details in realising my gorgeous home. A big THANK YOU to Jeff and team Space Atelier. Keep up the good work!