My husband and I did our research and spoke to about 6 IDs before we decided to go with Jonathan of Space Atelier. We were attracted by the actual room photos and testimonials online. His quote is not the cheapest but we feel that his quote is not expensive (compared to quite a few other IDs) and the most value-added. Most importantly, we felt that he will be able to create our ideal home within our budget with the design we are looking for, good service and good quality. True enough, he is really good with the style we want – simple, cosy but with an element of interesting detailing. Bearing our need for storage space (for our small home) in mind, he is also good with creating functional space/carpentry without making the rooms look cramped or claustrophobic. When we run into little issues such as “how to clean off a stain, etc”, he’s happy to make suggestions or even help. The contractors he works with are also friendly, helpful and responsible… especially important when it comes to post-move-in touch-ups or adjustments. The entire experience is very pleasant and we love our home.