It has been a pleasure working with Designscale Pte Ltd for our 5 star hotel project in Ulaanbataar, Mongolia. I would like to thank Tony & Jeremy for making the trip all the way here. I’m really impressed with their professionalism and design capabilities. We were able to complete multiple meetings, project site surveys and discussions despite their short 4-day session while they are here. It was fast-paced with schedules arranged tightly back to back. I’m impressed by their abilities in providing design ideas on the spot and sharing their concepts almost instantly when requested. They were very experienced, efficient and targeted in understanding the project’s objectives. They showed sincerity and demonstrated professionalism in their work while being fun and friendly at the same time. We forged a very good friendship through this project and look forward to working on more projects together with them again in the future. I would strongly recommend Designscale to anyone who’s looking for creative and professional design services.