On behalf of my wife and I, we would like to sincerely thank i-Chapter for helping us build our very first dream home. In particular, we would like to offer our utmost gratitude and appreciation to one of your interior designers, Mr. Tues Teh, who is the Interior Designer for our home.

My wife and I had obtained numerous quotations and also met up with several contractors and interior designers, which disappointed us for various reasons. But after our initial interaction with Mr. Tues Teh, we were very certain that he is the right person for the job as he was professional, patient and understands what we were looking for in our new home. In addition, he offered us design ideas which are practical and also tries to keep costs down for us. Most importantly, his attitude towards his clients is professional and his fiery passion towards interior design is contagious.

We could not have chosen a better person to be the interior designer of our new home.

We would like to also highlight a particular incident that made us most impressed with Mr. Tues Teh. Prior to engaging i-Chapter, we had bought flooring from another company during a renovation expo. That company had completed the flooring and proceeded to charge us based on an area of 940 square feet. However Mr. Tues Teh, in his professional opinion, told us that that amount is grossly exaggerated and proceeded to negotiate with that company on our behalf, even going to the extent of offering to go on-site with them to measure the exact area of flooring done.

The result of that negotiation was that Mr. Tues Teh helped us reduced the cost of the flooring by about 130 square feet; this is a savings of about $900 for us. All these were done on Mr. Tues Teh’s own initiative and purely out of his kindness of heart.

My wife and I are both very appreciative of all that Mr. Tues Teh has done for us and we are also very happy with the entire look and feel of our beautiful dream home, which could not have been possible without his professional services in interior design and project management. Even when there are issues that arises from the renovation from time to time, Mr. Tues Teh is always responsive and contactable to resolve all these issues for us.

We believe that Mr. Tues Teh is an outstanding Interior Designer in the industry and a valuable asset to i-Chapter.

We will certainly look to Mr. Tues Teh for all our home renovation projects in the future and we would also recommend i-Chapter to anyone looking to build their dream home.

Thank you i-Chapter! Thank you Tues!