Same as mustbeyinjie, I also would also like to highlight the standards and workmanship of their carpenters. Back in November 2019 I have shortlisted either Space Atelier or Artrend with me having engaged the latter on 2 prior occasions and was very pleased with their work. However Space Atelier managed to give me a quotation 1 week earlier than Artrend and therefore I decided to engage their services to renovate my 2 storey condo. In March 2020 the reno was 90% completed and we managed to move in 2 days before the lockdown. With the lockdown I understood that the carpenters were unable to travel to Singapore to finish up the installation of cupboard doors and 1 of the toilet sinks and also touching up some minor defects. Upon moving in I had the time to check for defects and found many which in my opinion the carpenters were “trying their luck to siam”. Defects such as a drawer which had been accidentally sawed “Pia Qiu”, misaligned cabinet doors, sliding doors for clothes cabinet kept getting misaligned from the tracks due to it being not deep enough and kept rolling over the long sleeves from my office shirts, cabinets that were unable to fit in my 2 safe despite me giving them the dimensions prior (eventually the movers were able to detach the door and put in the safe as the hinges of the cabinet door were blocking the way but this caused the safe to be unable to open fully and being unable to access the drawer compartments). While most of the defects were corrected, the cabinet with the safe and clothes cabinet were not as by then I was already quite fed up and just wanted the house to be handed over asap which was done so in November 2020.

Next onto the designer; while he was extremely friendly and was always willing to meet us last minute, I could somehow feel that he was out of his depth. Not much ideas were given for my master bedroom (had to engage Artrend to redo the layout and rebuild) and things that he promised (such as a doing a small partition to prevent the glare when the LED light is on in my office) were undelivered. I had also instructed him to make my gaming room soundproof with no expense to be spared; I suggested to him using concrete walls but he suggested using rockwool and gypsum boards instead. Only after completion, I realised that the room was only around 70% soundproof and after given insights by external soundproof specialists that concrete walls would have been the preferred option for soundproofing but by then it was already too late. Perhaps with a wee bit more experience and with a change to a more reputable or established company I will consider his services in the future due to his friendly demeanour.

I have held off about writing this review for a long time but after reading mustbeyingjie’s review I totally agree with him/her and felt it right to tell about my experience as well. 2 Years have passed and I have a cupboard door which has dropped off and another kitchen cabinet door about to drop off as well. Avoid like the plague.