We had Christopher share with us then, on some concepts to fit the theme we had on our mind.
He was able to hand sketch the design that we were looking for, and that really blew us away, as the sketch looked great and fit the design that we had visualised in our mind.
That was where we decided to engage Christopher as our ID.

The subsequent meetups to discuss the design and materials were so fruitful, as Christopher was able to guide us on colour themes to match what we really wanted.
Next up was to bring us to purchase the lightings. I have to commend that everything went very smoothly.

On the renovation of our house, we really have to thank Christopher who gave us a worry-free journey. He was always on top of things, often feedbacking to us and resolving any issue during the process.
He was very meticulous on all the details, as he really went to inspect every single detail of the whole unit. As seen from the handover checklist, we only have less than 3 items, that need a minor touch-up.

With this, I will like to express my sincere thanks to Christopher, who really help us get the dream home we wanted.