Amidst all the horror renovation stories that’s rampant during this period of economic uncertainty, we think it’s important to give credit where credit is due. My husband and I just completed our renovation with Weiken and we never once regretted engaging them. We want to commend our ID, Hazlin, who is always there providing updates to us every step of the way. Although our renovation got delayed because of the circuit breaker, we never once felt that our deposit would be forfeited. Hazlin will always take the initiative to update us on all developments and we never once had to chase her for updates.
Hazlin also provided us with valuable advise regarding our house design, especially pertaining to cost and functionality. She knew that during this period of economic uncertainty, our budget as a young family was tight so she will always advice us on better ways to spend our budget. The whole renovation process was also hassle free for us as she pretty much handled everything, from arranging what to be done first, coordinating with the contractors and explaining the designs to them. This value add service is definitely worth the additional cost of engaging an ID.
During the course of our renovation, there were some hiccups which is to be expected, but Hazlin was always upfront and transparent about it. No excuses, no lies, just the truth of the matter and we never felt like we were being cheated. She also managed to throw in some freebies to make up for the hiccups which we very much appreciated.
Overall, if you are looking for a stable and reasonably priced ID firm, do check weiken out and if you want an ID that’s honest, genuine and has your interest at heart, do consider Hazlin from Tampines One!