We began our renovation journey slightly different from most first time home owners as we have a clear idea of what we wanted in the beginning, and thus we placed a high emphasis on personality and whether they are able with work with us.

We decided to work with Dillon from Sense and Sensibility for his positivity, openness and professional attitude. And we were glad that we made the right choice. No project is without problems, and ours came in the form of mostly scheduling as we had to get our renovation begin in late December. Dillon was realistic about his concerns and was also patient to attend to our requests and changes.

One major benefit of working with Sense and Sensibility is the fact that they are friendly towards Taobao. Not only do they have their direct partner to arrange for delivery, they also have a great collection of high quality items from Taobao to recommend. We noticed that there are a certain number of IDs that aren’t that welcoming towards items bought from Taobao, so this is a definite plus.

And as for the cost, they are reasonable and flexible when it came to our target budget. There was no hidden costs at all. We were happy with their quality, and they are quick and willing to respond and fix any issues along the way. They are very quick to respond to our messages, which is one of the most important attribute in our opinion.