I just moved in 2 weeks ago and have been busy settling in. As I sit in my living room, enjoying the view and cuppa, writing this review, I am really glad that I made the right choice appointing Mr Shopper Studio (MSS) to oversee my renovation and home styling.

A big thank you to Eric, Vince and Sean for delivering my dream home. You have certainly created an insta-worthy abode for me! 😍🤩 They made my renovation journey smooth and stress-free.

I heard from several friends the problems that they faced during their renovations, and how important it is to select the right ID. However, I am really glad I did not encounter any of the issues my friends described.

Due to my busy work schedule, in addition to good design and workmanship, I needed an ID that can project manage end to end, which includes sourcing the right furniture and provide home styling, as those are equally important for the design of the home. Essentially, I needed a team that can hand over a home in move-in condition.

After 2 to 3 meetings with Eric, Vince and Sean, they gave me the confidence that it will be money well spent. I particularly appreciate the time and effort they spent to understand my needs, preferences, style and budget. They were always open to my feedback and responsive over WhatsApp.
They gave good advice to ensure the designs don’t only look good, but are practical and functional.

I did not want a cookie-cutter design and gave them the space to execute their design flair. In line with my modern dark luxe theme, they proposed a bold concept and choice of colours (forest green and floral wallpaper). Initially apprehensive, they assured me that the actual outcome will exceed my expectations and look even more stunning than the 3D design. I decided to trust their recommendations and I am extremely satisfied with the end product. They far exceeded my expectations!

Eric and Vince (Project Managers) always kept me updated on the progress. Their project schedule was very clear and on the dot. They will always give me options to decide and help me assess the pros and cons. Eric (overall IC) is very experienced and hands-on. You can trust him to address even the toughest situations.

Vince (PM), is very well-organised and did a great job managing the day-to-day progress. He gave me timely updates and I hardly have to go on-site. I really appreciate that Vince helped coordinate with the other vendors including my smart home provider (Koble), Ziptrack, curtains and blinds provider (The Curtain Boutique), aircon relocation etc.

Any problems along the way, Vince will highlight to me and assure me that they will resolve it. For instance, when we realised midway after the electrical wiring had been completed, that I wanted options to dim certain lights, they discussed with Koble and resolved the issue. Despite some rework, there was no delay in the handover. Even when I requested any touch-up work after handover, Vince will promptly coordinate and arrange for the job to be completed on time.

There were so many other things along the way which Vince willingly helped me follow up on, which really gave me peace of mind.

Sean (Designer) has a great design flair and has a good understanding of my design preferences. We had so many interesting conversations on the choice of furniture, colours, decorations, etc. When I select something and ask him for feedback, he will tell me whether it looks good or if it is suitable for my theme. When I needed to reduce the cost of furnishings, he will help me source for alternatives that still looked good and fit my budget. Sean also took time to select my curtains. Though I was hesitant with the choice of colours, I decided to trust my designer! The outcome was better than I expected! Even when I wanted a particular painting for the walls, Sean worked with the decorators (who quietly work behind the scene) to search for what I wanted. A big thank you to the decorators who helped added the final touch to my home!

When my friend (also my neighbour) visited my place, she also agreed it was definitely money well spent, considering the issues she and her cousin faced during their renovation. MSS is certainly top on her list should she renovate her place in future. I will definitely engage MSS in future and highly recommend them to my family and friends.😊