It was a horrible experience dealing with Andrew from 3D innovation.

When we feedback to him the poor quality outcome, he became defensive and was extremely rude.

Total lack of integrity. When we asked him about the extra shelving he promised and failed to deliver, initially he said it was not delivered because he was waiting for us to give measurement (which is like so weird cos the carpenter was the one who came to our house to take the measurement for customisation of the cupboard) then ltr he said that he asked us whether we need the shelving but we said don’t need (when we raised the question of shouldn’t the carpenter have the measurement?)

He took our access token and house key but did not even bother to turn up to open the door for his carpenter when they came over to do the installation. When we asked for the access token and house key to be returned to us through his branch manager (cos he refused to follow up on the rectification works), we were told to go to their midview city to collect. We specially made time to go down but upon arrival, his colleague (whom we have never deal with) return us only the access token. We asked for our key (so the colleague called him to find out) and was informed by his colleague that Andrew told him we did not pass him any house key. After we insisted we did, his colleague asked Andrew to check again, then he said he forgot about it and will pass to their carpenter (their sub-con) to pass the key back to us. However, it never happens. We have not received our house key back.

They should seriously improve their quality and customer service otherwise they should be blacklisted.